Update: Redirects, SEO & More

Our dev team has been working hard to optimize your sites for better page speed and SEO.

Here’s whats new:



 Easy 301 Redirects

You can setup redirects which is extremely helpful if you want to redirect visitors to your new page links when you launch on Showit. Read more about redirects


 Set a Share Image

You can now set a share image which will get picked up by social networks like Facebook when the page url is shared. Read more about Share Image…


 Set Your Favicon

You can now set a site wide favicon.  Learn more about favicons…


 Canonical Links & Sitemaps

We provided an SEO boost by automatically including Canonical URLs in the HTML code and auto-generating a sitemap file of your Showit pages. Now you can submit your sitemap to search engines so they’re always updated on your pages.  Learn more about Sitemaps…


 Page Speed Boost

Our dev team keeps working hard to optimize your sites for better loading speeds. This update includes some update that should help speed things up and make Google happier. ????

Other updates:

May 1, 2017

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