Update: Mobile Layout Assistance, Video Controls and more…

Our latest release includes updates in the following areas:


Mobile Layout Assistance

If you’re customizing your website with new elements then you’ve probably realized how important it is to design your mobile and desktop layouts at the same time.  But if you forgot to work on both we do have a solution that will help get things to a better starting place for you to continue customizing your mobile layout. Read more about Mobile Layout Assistance…

Video Controls Update

Additional settings including Auto Play and Loop are now available in the video player widget controls.  Learn more about video controls…

Quick Replace Images

It’s easier than ever to replace images in a design…simply double-click on an image or gallery and the media window will appear to select a new image(s).

Minor Updates

  • Hover Options for Icons & Rectangles now apply
  • Toggle Canvas Guides & Mobile Overlay separately
  • Selected items are highlighted in both mobile and desktop layouts.


June 26, 2017

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