Update: Inline Text Formatting & HTML Tags

This update includes some great refinements on our text editor and the ability to adjust your HTML text tag for users optimizing their content for SEO.

Inline Text Formatting

You can now easily add Bold, Italics or Links inside of a text box.  Double-click to bring up the formatting toolbar with these options. Links inside of a text box will automatically have the Inline Links styling applied to them. You can adjust this styling site-wide under the Design Settings or on an individual text box under Text Style settings.

Read more about inline text formatting.


HTML Text Tag

To optimize your page content for search engines we now also allow you to change the HTML tag associated with each text box.

Read more about HTML text tags.


Other Changes:

  • Label Changes
    • “Text Format” section renamed “Text Style” section
    • “Text Field” section renamed “Text Properties” section
    • “Next Posts Link” placeholder renamed “Older Posts Link”
    • “Previous Posts Link” placeholder renamed “Newer Posts Link”
    • “Next Post Link” placeholder renamed “Next Single Post Link”
    • “Previous Post Link” placeholder renamed “Previous Single Post Link”
  • “Top of Page” click action added
  • Mousing over layers will highlight object on stage
  • Missing fonts will now show “–Choose a font –” in font selector
  • Custom font names now only allow letters and spaces (no number or special characters)
  • Opacity was moved to Effects settings
  • Cleaner icons for the tiled gallery full screen view
  • WordPress placeholders indicated when selected on stage
  • Prevented wordpress placeholders from having click actions or submit form applied and vice versa

March 6, 2017

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