Tiled & Sliding Gallery


Two beautiful new galleries have recently been added to Showit 5.  It’s a breeze to update your current gallery to one of the new formats by simply changing the Type under the Gallery Settings section.  Below are two videos showing you the features available for each gallery.

Tiled Gallery Showit 5Tiled Gallery

The Tiled gallery has the feel of a pinterest board and the ability to load an unlimited number of images.  Horizontal and vertical images look great side-by-side in this gallery.  Click on a thumbnail to view the full size photo with the ability to click to the next image.

Learn more about adding a Tiled Gallery

Showit 5 Tiled Gallery



Sliding Gallery

The Sliding gallery creates a carousel of images with the focused image alway snapping to the middle position.  This gallery works amazing on a mobile device with touch swipe support.  You can optionally include dots for the number of images in the gallery and customize how the images on the sides are presented with options for opacity, size, and blur.

Learn more about setting up a Sliding Gallery

Showit 5 Sliding Gallery




July 15, 2016

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