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We just released one of our biggest updates since the launch of Showit 5 and we think you will love it! We’ve added the ability to create a canvas that can be shared across multiple pages of your site which is so great for navigation like headers and footers.


Learn more about the new Site Canvas here:

Additionally, we’ve added the ability to add a canvas or page from a completely different site design directly into your existing site. Check out the video below for a quick overview of how to do it!

Other changes in this update:

  • New setting to allow scroll actions to trigger only once
  • New direct linking to a canvas view on a page
  • Linking inside a canvas for canvas views can now be set to use “This Canvas”
  • Drag & Drop reorder of pages
  • Links in preview work
  • Added “Cut” in addition to “Copy” and “Paste”
  • Site Canvas actions to trigger other site canvases on a page
  • Contact Forms now work per canvas and not an entire page
  • Contact Forms can now transition to another page
  • Required fields now get a red outline when a contact form is submitted if they aren’t filled
  • Bug fixes to prevent large SVGs as icons
  • Canvas view background bug fixes
  • Disabled canvases and elements for both mobile and desktop are not included into the output page.
  • “Show Canvas” click or scroll actions will not make disabled desktop or mobile canvases visible.

Media Folders

We’ve just added media folders to help keep all of your files organized.  Click on the Media button at the bottom of Showit to start organizing.

Pro Tips:

  • Shift-click to select a group of images in a row from the media library
  • Ctrl/Command-Click to select multiple images in any order
  • Option/Alt-Click to immediately add the image to the stage or if you’re in the gallery manage images view it will directly add it to the image list.


Watch the Media Library tutorial

Bug Fixes:

  • First image in a simple gallery loads sharper now
  • Fixed an issue with images not loading in Safari on a short page
  • Loop Images now works when unchecked.


Two beautiful new galleries have recently been added to Showit 5.  It’s a breeze to update your current gallery to one of the new formats by simply changing the Type under the Gallery Settings section.  Below are two videos showing you the features available for each gallery.

Tiled Gallery Showit 5Tiled Gallery

The Tiled gallery has the feel of a pinterest board and the ability to load an unlimited number of images.  Horizontal and vertical images look great side-by-side in this gallery.  Click on a thumbnail to view the full size photo with the ability to click to the next image.

Learn more about adding a Tiled Gallery

Showit 5 Tiled Gallery



Sliding Gallery

The Sliding gallery creates a carousel of images with the focused image alway snapping to the middle position.  This gallery works amazing on a mobile device with touch swipe support.  You can optionally include dots for the number of images in the gallery and customize how the images on the sides are presented with options for opacity, size, and blur.

Learn more about setting up a Sliding Gallery

Showit 5 Sliding Gallery




As of June 1st, Instagram is requiring apps that offer Instagram embedding to be authorized by the unique user. The process is simple and easy and if you are currently using LightWidget (either the free or paid version) to share your Instagram feed on your Showit 5 site you will need to complete the authorization step in order for your widget to continue updating after May 31, 2016.

To authorize LightWidget visit this link and complete the steps.

You can read more from LightWidget here.

Don’t have LightWidget installed on your Showit 5 site yet? Learn how.

Add Plus Sites 05-13-16, 12.07.36 PM

Today’s updates will help you manage your domain, add +Sites, and manage all sites in your account.

Updates include:

  • Add +Site subdomains in Account > Manage Domains
  • Set your custom domain in Site Settings (including request domain setup by Showit)
  • Duplicate or Delete entire sites under Account > My Sites


Set your Custom Domain in Site Settings

Set your custom domain in Site Settings.


Duplicate or Delete a Site


Showit 5 FB Group Banner-4

GILBERT, ARIZONA (May 11, 2016) – Today, Showit announces the public launch of its newest website design platform, Showit 5. Built as an HTML web app, Showit 5 includes never before seen features in a drag-and-drop web design application and includes side-by-side mobile and desktop design views and Showit’s game-changing simple WordPress integration. Built for professional photographers and creatives, Showit 5 allows users to build interactive and truly responsive websites that look beautiful on every device without knowing a single line of code.

“Showit 5 is the result of 10 years of experience creating tools for creative entrepreneurs. We started from scratch and built a future-facing web design platform for the mobile world.”
– Todd Watson, CEO

Showit 5 introduces:

  • Side-by-side simultaneous mobile and desktop designer
  • Custom Canvas Views pioneered by Showit that enable elegant interactivity and big visual impact
  • Simple WordPress integration allowing users to design their WordPress blogs inside Showit.

Showit is a subscription-based software service with pricing options starting at $19 a month.

Featured In:

About Showit

Showit, Inc., co-founded in 2006 by CEO Todd Watson and located in Gilbert, Arizona, is a technology company focused on giving professional photographers and creatives true freedom and control over their online presence. Showit’s simple drag-and-drop website builder allows users to create interactive and responsive custom websites without needing to know a single line of code. Showit is also the first website platform to offer simple WordPress integration which gives users the ability to design a WordPress blog right inside of the website builder. Visit to try Showit 5 for free and to learn more about this subscription software.

At Showit, we believe technology is best when it enhances creativity.

Download the Press Release

Learn more about Showit 5

Get Help for Showit Desktop

Showit 5 is a completely reinvented drag-and-drop web design app for the modern world. If you need help with Showit Desktop, check out the Showit Desktop support page.