The types of video files compatible with Showit 5 and some of the different ways you can add them to your site.

Conversion Options

If the video is not in a compatible video format, please convert the video to a .mp4 file using h.264 compression and then try importing again. We recommend the following options to get video into your website:

  • Handbrake for Mac and PC
  • iMovie is built into any Mac.
  • Export Using Quicktime – On a Mac or PC
  • Vimeo – Free and premium versions that automatically converts your files. Showit includes a built in Video Player Widget.
  • YouTube – Free and automatically converts your video but YouTube is currently limited by 10 minute clips. Showit includes a built in Video Player Widget for YouTube.

**The maximum file size per video in Showit 5 is 8mb**


Adding a Vimeo or Youtube Video

For video that you want to have controls like play and pause, it is recommended that you add a Video Player to your page and then add the video to that player.

1. Click the Add Object button on the bottom bar of Showit 5 and select “Video”

2. Select the “Video” option on the right hand properties panel and choose either “Youtube” or “Vimeo” from the drop down.

3. Copy the Vimeo or Youtube video ID from the last part of your video’s URL.


4. Paste the video ID into the right hand properties panel.videoplayerstep4



Adding a Video as a Canvas Background

You can add video directly to a page but it will play automatically with no controls. This is good for canvas backgrounds or short clips.

1. Open the media library and click the “Upload File” button.


2. Select your video file on your computer.

3. Select the canvas you would like to edit

4. Click the “Canvas Background” option on the right hand properties panel.

5. From the “Type” drop  down, select “Video”.

6. Click the object icon that pops up and select your video from the media library


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