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Publishing your changes to your live Showit 5 site is simple but will vary depending on your site and blog setup. The initial connection of your Showit 5 site to a WordPress blog will need to be requested by the Showit Support PROs. If your site and blog designs are ready to launch, click here to get started with the initial setup.


Once your blog has been connected by the Support PROs:

noblogstep11. Click the publish button in the right hand corner of Showit


2. Login to your WordPress admin page and go to Settings >> Showit 5 Theme

wblogstep33. Click “Rebuild Showit 5 Theme”


4. Your changes should now be live!

If you do not have a blog:

1. Click the publish button in the right hand corner of Showit


2. Make sure that your correct domain is showing here:


3. If the correct domain is showing, click PUBLISH and you are done! If it isn’t showing, click “CHANGE DOMAIN” in the bottom left corner.

4. Select your correct domain from the drop down under “domain settings”, click save and try publishing again.


**NOTE: If you do not see your correct domain in the drop down, your site may not be configured yet. Click here to get help launching your site.

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