The following is a quick overview of the layout and how to use Showit 5.



To get started designing in Showit 5:

1. Open a Google Chrome Browser Window

2. Go to and enter in the email address and password associated with your existing Showit account.

3. After logging in you’ll be able to choose from the free Showit Site Designs and any designs you’ve already loaded into your account.

Left Side Panel

Showit_5_SITE_tabSITE and PAGE tabs allow you to control the pages within your SITE as well as the elements on a PAGE.

On the SITE tab you’ll see the pages within your site as well as the Design Settings and Site Settings tabs.

Click on the PAGE tab to see the canvases on the page. Click here to learn more about how canvases work.

Right Side Panel

Here you can adjust the settings for each element on your site.

Icons at the Bottom of the Showit 5 Browser Window

At the bottom of your screen you’ll find several icons that allow you to adjust the view inside of Showit 5. You can choose to view your Mobile and Desktop designers side-by-side, the Mobile designer only, or the Desktop designer.

The guide icon will allow you to see or hide the guide lines and mobile overlay inside Showit 5.

You can also magnify or zoom out your view of the designer using the icons three magnifying glass icons on the left portion of your browser window.Showit_5_Lower_Left_Icons

The icons at the center of the browser window allow you to add a text box to a canvas, insert certain objects and an image to a canvas.


On the right portion of your browser window you’ll find two curved arrows that allow you to undo changes or revert undo. These are helpful if you’ve found you’ve made a change that you no longer want.

Finally, in the lower right hand corner of your Showit 5 browser window you’ll see the words GET HELP and a white icon with a question mark. This is where you can click if you require additional help from the Showit Support Pros.


Learn more about Showit 5

Get Help for Showit Desktop

Showit 5 is a completely reinvented drag-and-drop web design app for the modern world. If you need help with Showit Desktop, check out the Showit Desktop support page.