The following video helps you get started by using canvases to create the sections of your site.



Adjusting the Height of a Canvas

Adjusting the height of your canvas can be done by moving the vertical slider up or down. Canvas height can also be adjusted within the Properties Panel on the right side of your screen under the Canvas tab inside the box labeled Initial Height. You can adjust the canvas height independently for Desktop and Mobile and can easily toggle between them by clicking on the Mobile and Desktop tabs within the Canvas section in the Properties Panel.



Canvas Backgrounds

Showit_5_Canvas_Background_AdjustmentsYou can adjust the background of every canvas on your page

1. Click on the canvas you’d like to set a background for.

2. Click on the Canvas Background Panel in the Properties Panel on the right side of your screen and then select from the Type drop down menu.

Choose from: None, Color, Image or Video.

Don’t forget to set the background for both Desktop and Mobile.


Canvas Background Images & Videos

Make further adjustments to your Canvas Background by setting the image or video to Scroll with Page, Parallax and Fixed.

Scroll with Page – Image of video scrolls at the same rate of speed as the rest of your site.

Parallax – Image or video scrolls at a different rate of speed than the rest of your site.

Fixed – Image or video does not scroll and stays at a fixed position within the canvas as the user scrolls up or down the page.

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